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IHNC 5.5 - Christines First Time(These events are from the viewpoint of Christine Johnson, High School biology teacher who found out about the affair between Ed and Becky.)Sex, sex, sex.Thats all anyone ever talked about anymore.Every note being passe
General Obuma watched with interest, as five police soldiers entered his office. In their midst was a white woman, the prisoner Lieutenant Amin had called him about, who had been arrested in the customs control with an ivory statuette in her luggage.
This all began two years ago at my home when I was alone and in our pool. This story continues to this day and I will try to keep you updated if your interested. Note: I have published this story at other sites also so please do not copy and repost an
I met my husband (Dan) when I was still in high school, and he was already in college. I didnt know him well, but his family was friends of ours. I lived in a small town Southern Illinois, while he was already pre-med up in Chicago, but whenever he wa
I woke up to about 5 missed calls and 10 text messages from work. Problems that needed to be sorted as soon as possible. I looked at my phones clock and saw that it was just past 10 in the morning. I had been asleep for almost 11 hours. Seeing that Be