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Part 5CHAPTER 13I called down to the bell desk once we had finished breakfast.David was there with our limo and the bags were in the trunk as I tipped the bellmen and followed Jennie and Lady into the rear seat.I sat back, completely relaxed, as David
Rayne and I had left Astu, the capital of the Vigeo Kingdom, a few hours ago. It was late afternoon by the time we had set off and our journey had been fairly silent so far. Rayne was riding her horse, Veho, a fair few feet in front of me as I followe
I found the trunk in side room off the basement. It must have been a secret room at one time, but the door had crumbled with the passing of time. I was eighteen and lived on an old sail boat in a boatyard. Not that that was bad, the boat was fifty fee
I lay there for a while in a daze, hoping, but not quite believing that what had happened to me yesterday was just a dream. The summer heat had started early again today, and I started to feel myself overheat under my covers, which were soaked in my s
Entry One: --- me [Karen], mind reading, Jerry, Hilda Have you ever wanted to know what a guy's thinking when he's looking at your fanny? Or is it obvious enough anyway? I'm clairvoyant. I'm only about average in looks, but at time