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January 14th, 20089:47amI couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned for hours, unable to stop thinking... about Flower.I can't explain it. Baby was lying in bed next to me, we are in love, she is prettier than Flower, she gives the best head a man
It is believed by many that when mankind learns to accept its true nature and come to terms with its instinctual needs and desires, true freedom will be attained. In the animal kingdom there are clearly defined roles, that of the hunter and that of th
It was senior year of high school, we were all off to college in a few months and Max has the house to himself for the weekend.Jessica and I had recently broken up, which was problem because we were in the same circle of friends.The breakup wasnt good
I realized what he was looking at, two high school girls who looked to be sophomores in volleyball uniforms, one was a 5 4 dirty blonde and tan while the other was an inch taller, pale skin and light blonde. They were wearing long white sleeve athleti
WARNING! This warning is possibly not needed for this particular story, but I am including it because it is needed for most of my stories. If you decide to read other of my stories make sure that you read the disclosures and warnings at the beginning