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I had the day off and decided to do nothing. I was watching TV and drinking some coffee late in the morning when I got a text from my wife. Her: Are you home now?Me: YesHer: Are you going to be home for lunch?Me: YesHer: OkAnd then the texts stopped.
Chapter 10 It was a beautiful, sunny, springtime, Friday afternoon. I was waiting outside the high school to pick up my niece. She had her own car, but still liked for me to pick her up on Fridays. "I'm going to be with you all weekend anywa
Seducing My New Neighbor, Part II(Surprise!My neighbors girlfriend)By PhyllisRogerMy initial fears and reservations about my new neighbor, Vanessa, had been answered months ago as sheovercame her initial taboos about such things and willingly yielded
This story is about experiencing ”NRE or new relationship energy,” while in a primary relationship like I had/have with Jim. It also will be a story that will lead into new stories describing our polyamorous lifestyle over the past 24 year
Hi. My Name is Kaylee. Some of you may already know me, for those who don't, here's a brief introduction. I am your fairly typical college student. I spend most of my time studying, but I also enjoy hanging out with friends, going to the mal